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Exercise Bike

Welcome to - the new website that will help you find the best exercise bike for your needs. We can help you choose the best deals from all of the leading UK stores to make sure that you are also getting the best prices.

We have a number of reviews in preperation, and some guides on how to pace yourself for fitness.

If you have any suggestions, then please just leave us a message in our free forum area, and we'll help where we can!

Happy cycling!

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new to excerise bikenew to excerise bike by Paul (16-Aug 14:09)
I am new to using an excerise bike. For the first week, I have built up to do 10Km per night (there ...

Re: Noisy exercise bikes?Re: Noisy exercise bikes? by Joanne (16-Aug 10:10)
thanks for that. So if the exercise bike is more enclosed it's likely to be quieter? I assume that t...

Re: Noisy exercise bikes?Re: Noisy exercise bikes? by p (15-Aug 18:35)
We got one from decathlon in dudley earlier this year, which we have in the living room. it makes a ...

Noisy exercise bikes?Noisy exercise bikes? by Joanne (15-Aug 01:15)
We would like to get an exercise bike, but the only place it could go is in the corner of our lounge...

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